It is important to meet with colleagues in the market in order to exchange experiences and contribute to the development of e-commerce in general. We participate in associations that in different ways work to promote e-commerce both on a domestic and international level.


Pagero is one of approximately 50 members in EESPA. EESPA’s goal is to be a strategic asset for its members, conducting the following activities:

  • Leadership: providing a robust governance framework and a strong team to gather and represent views and do the follow-up.
  • EU Public Affairs: keeping abreast of the regulatory framework, making timely decisions on common positions, creating consensus, building coalitions, adapting to new conditions and always behaving ethically and transparently.
  • Communications: creating a communications infrastructure, mastering digital communications, delivering rapid response media capabilities, stakeholder engagement, timely internal communications, well-managed events, and visually appealing materials.
  • Adding value: Developing influence, information and intelligence, industry promotion, standards and best practices.


OpenPEPPOL consists of hundreds of members from both the public and private sector in Europe. OpenPEPPOL works to develop the standards and specifications defined by PEPPOL (a network with the aim to simplify the development of e-commerce in Europe). Their goal is to create the possibility of easy and cost efficient e-commerce between suppliers and buyers within the public sector in Europe. Pagero is a member of Open PEPPOL, and we are active participants in the development of the network from both a technical and a user perspective.


Swedish NEA promotes and supports the development of e-commerce in Sweden. NEA’s ambition is to influence and be a driving force regarding the use of standards, share their knowledge of e-commerce and share case studies amongst the approximately 40 members within the organisation.


Finnish TIEKE aims to standardize information technology and electronic exchange of messages, as well as to develop networks between IT companies with the purpose of increasing Finnish companies’ competitiveness. Pagero is one of around 90 members from a wide range of community stakeholders.

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