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100% e-invoice from day 1

Are you manually printing and distributing paper invoices? Do your customers ask you to submit invoices via their portal? With Pagero, you can send all invoices electronically from day 1 – straight from your financial system. Customers that do not have the possibility to receive e-invoices will receive them via mail or email. Pagero will automatically sort, convert and distribute your invoices according to your customers’ abilities. Pagero’s platform Pagero’s platform Pagero Online is also connected to most invoicing platforms, which means that you will no longer have to log onto portals to submit your invoices.

Fulfill customer requirements

Do some of your customers require certain information on the invoices you send, that your system is unable to provide? Does this involve extra work for you, or maybe you cannot send e-invoices to the customers at all? In that case, our enrichment service is perfect for you!

Reach all your customers

Have you received inquiries from customers in other countries to start sending e-invoices? Not sure how to reach them or how to comply with local rules?

Pagero takes care of this for you. For our customers to reach as many other companies as possible in both the private and public sectors around the world, we have interoperability agreements with a large number of other operators and our services comply with all European legal and VAT demands for e-invoicing.

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