Accurate spend management

Take control of your company’s spend

Pagero’s Accurate Spend Management service gives purchasers, controllers and CFOs a powerful tool to take control of the company’s spend.

Overview of spend with Pagero ASM

Pagero ASM stores and indexes* all information at the header and line level in the invoices processed in Pagero Online. Information can then be exported for further analysis. Pagero ASM helps identify the following:

*Indexation takes place as soon as the invoices reach Pagero Online and the spend information becomes available in real time.

  • Purchasing patterns and changes over time
  • What goods and services are purchased
  • Which suppliers these purchases are made from
  • What goods and services are purchased outside of existing contracts
  • Which suppliers the company does not have contracts with
  • If the invoiced prices are consistent with what was agreed
  • If there are new contract opportunities
  • What routines can be improved

Dashboards and reports for analysis and decision-making

Aggregate and categorised information is visualised in dashboards for a quick overview of the company’s spend. Detailed information can be exported to Excel for further analysis and decision-making.

Access to complete and well-arranged information allows better analyses and well-founded decisions about how to improve the company’s spend.

Efficient purchases help companies save time and money and strengthen relationships between the company and its suppliers. The information can also be used to make cash flow forecasts.

React quickly to deviations

Pagero ASM is not just a tool that provides retrospective information about the company’s spend. The service also includes a validation function that allows the company to continuously monitor prices that deviate from existing contracts.

The validation function checks the prices of inbound invoices and compares them to existing contracts. Invoices that do not comply are flagged and the person responsible can then take the necessary action. The invoice can either be returned to the supplier with information about adjustments that need to be made or can be accepted for payment if this is considered reasonable.

In this way, deviations from existing contracts can be highlighted and addressed at an early stage, saving the company both time and money.

Price and article database

Pagero ASM allows the user to upload information about prices and articles. If necessary, it is possible to use an API to connect to the company’s own price and article database.

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