Governmental connections for B2G, B2B and B2C e-invoicing

Send and receive compliant e-invoices anywhere in the world. Pagero makes it easy for you to connect to governmental infrastructures while fulfilling all local regulations worldwide.

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Connect to governmental infrastructures worldwide

Pagero is integrated with various governmental platforms and infrastructures globally to provide compliant document exchange regardless of the country’s e-invoicing model. Read more about the most commonly used models below:


The post-audit model allows trading partners to exchange e-invoices and other e-documents without any immediate controls by the tax authorities.

E-documents are allowed, but there are no specifications for format, infrastructure, or manner of issue or distribution. The flexibility of this model makes it among one of the most commonly used.


Hard clearance: the invoice must be cleared (legally approved) by the supplier with the tax authority prior to transmission to the buyer. There is a pre-defined format, infrastructure, and manner of exchange.

Soft clearance: There is a pre-defined format, infrastructure and manner of exchange, but does not require clearance prior to transmission to the buyer.

Open interoperability-Peppol

E-invoices and other e-documents are exchanged using the Peppol Network. Based on the post-audit model, trading parties are allowed to issue and receive e-documents in their preferred format.

Formats, content, communication and compliance with VAT regulations are controlled by accredited service providers rather than the trading partners.