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Media Industry

Pagero for the media industry

The media industry has gone through dramatic changes in the last ten years due to the digital revolution. The dramatic growth in online platforms such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and LinkedIn has changed the way advertisers seek to reach their customers.

The explosion of digital platforms and the growth of programmatic advertising, has seen considerable increases in transaction volumes for media agencies which are driving them to streamline and automate their back-end processes.

By connecting to Pagero, you can start trading electronically with all your business partners – machine to machine.

Benefits of Pagero’s solution

Benefits to media agencies

  • Receive all EDI and email invoices electronically and directly into your system
  • Automatic validation and correction of invoice data to reduce AP resources and prevent incorrect payments
  • Digital invoice archiving
  • Full Support for the AdsML Framework of e-commerce business standards for the media industry

Benefits to media owners

  • Send all EDI, PDF and paper invoices electronically to Pagero – we manage the rest
  • Meet the requirements of your media agencies using Pagero’s automatic invoice correction service
  • Faster payments

Irish and British media agencies go digital with Pagero

Pagero have been trialling e-invoicing in the Irish and British media industry in collaboration with Core and Independent News & Media plc.

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