On-boarding with Pagero

When you start using our services, the most important thing to do is to increase the volume of electronic transactions. Only then will you be able to streamline your order or invoice handling and get the maximum use of our services. Depending on size, scope and resources, our clients have the option to either do the on-boarding themselves or have Pagero do it for them as a managed service.

Pagero self service

Pagero’s self service function is available in Pagero Online for all our customers. You get access to a network of over 1.1 million businesses that you can connect to free of charge. Just enter the name of the company that you want to connect to and send them a request to add them to your network. Once they have accepted, you can start communicating with them!

Pagero managed on-boarding

Not all companies have the time nor the resources to contact their customers or suppliers to get them started handling order or invoice messages electronically. Especially when it comes to international on-boarding, this work can be quite time consuming.

Pagero has many years’ experience of helping our customers to connect their suppliers and customers, independently of country and industry. Our on-boarding team has conducted over 600 successful on-boarding projects around the world and can do the job for you.


The following steps are included in an on-boarding project:

  • Dedicated Project Manager (single point of contact)
  • Project web page
  • Information send-out to customers/suppliers (mail and email)
  • Phone contact with all customers/suppliers
  • On-boarding assistance and support for customers/suppliers
  • Continuous status reports