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Global partners

Thanks to a long and close partnership between Pagero and IFS, we are able to offer our customers a global partnership agreement. Thanks to this agreement, all IFS’ customers can quickly and easily get started using Pagero’s services to handle electronic order or invoice messages automatically, directly from IFS Applications, via a pre-set integration model. The customers work in their system as usual and can communicate electronically with all their business partners regardless of their size, system or which industry they are in. The information is transferred via Pagero’s cloud based business network Pagero Online.

Complements your ERP system

Pagero’s services will complement the company’s ERP system and help IFS’ customers streamline their business processes, thanks to automatized workflows and increased control, security and traceability.

You will be able to reach all your partners

Pagero’s goal is to offer our customers a network that makes it possible for them to reach all the company’s business partners, both within the private and public sectors, as well as in the service provider’s and other networks.

To enable our customers to reach as many other companies as possible, Pagero has interoperability agreements with a vast number of other service providers on the market. We are also an approved access point in all the countries where PEPPOL has been introduced and we are actively working to connect to the public sector in all European countries where e-invoicing is mandatory by law.

A close partnership – better customer service

Pagero and IFS know each other very well and have a close and continuously ongoing dialogue with each other. This simplifies the implementation process for our customers. We prepare projects together, which saves time and improves customer service. Our R&D-departments work together and meet regularly to help optimize service features for our joint customers

What our customers think



Shawcor achieves greater efficiency with Pagero’s AP automation solution.



Primelog helped Ericsson develop a sophisticated system to control information quality.



SSAB optimises their P2P process with Primelog and TenderEasy.

This is what you get when you connect to Pagero Online

  • Quick and fast implementation thanks to a pre-set integration model
  • Support for handling price catalogues, orders, order confirmations, despatch advices, invoices and payment reminders
  • Access to over 1 100 000 companies worldwide via Pagero’s and our partners’ networks
  • Ability to send business messages B2B, B2G and B2C
  • Automatic conversion to and from all formats in Pagero’s format library
  • 90 days transaction history
  • Free updates and free support services
  • Secure communications via an encrypted network

Value added services

Pagero offers a large number of value added services that can be easily added to your service to customize it to the needs of your company. We recommend IFS-customers the following value added services to optimize their workflows:

Thanks to our extensive experience and competence, we will be able to help you find the perfect solution to the challenges that your company is facing. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information!