Pagero and IFS – global partners

A fully digitised business process for end-to-end control

As a result of long and close cooperation, Pagero and IFS have entered into a global partnership agreement. Thanks to this agreement, all of IFS’ clients are able to quickly and easily get started using Pagero’s services and cloud-based e-business network to digitise and achieve end-to-end control over their purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.

Clients continue to work in IFS Applications™ as usual and can communicate electronically with all their business partners regardless of their size, system or the industry in which they operate.

Services that complement each other

Pagero’s services complement your IFS Applications™ and help you streamline your business processes by means of automated workflows and increased control, security, and traceability.

IFS Applications™ offers end users excellent usability and process support for both the order and invoice processes, while Pagero ensures that the orders and invoices are converted from IFS’ format to the relevant recipient format or vice versa, depending on country or industry standards.

We offer support for the following processes:

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Access to a global e-business network

Pagero’s goal is to offer our clients a global e-business network that enables them to reach all their partners within the private and public sectors, the service provider’s network and other networks.

For this reason, we have interoperability agreements with a large number of other operators across the globe. We are also an approved access point in all the countries where PEPPOL has been introduced and we are actively working to connect to the public sector in all European countries where e-invoicing and e-ordering are mandatory by law.

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Simple implementation process

Pagero and IFS engage in close and continuous dialogue, which simplifies the implementation process for our mutual clients.

Our R&D departments work together and meet regularly to help optimise service features. We prepare projects together, which saves time and benefits our clients. Pagero has also created an implementation package, which consists of an implementation set-up guide, role-based presentation materials for implementation, and prerequisites for using the Pagero solution with IFS Applications™.

Benefits of connecting to Pagero Online

  • Quick and simple implementation thanks to a pre-set integration model
  • Support for handling price catalogues, orders, order confirmations, dispatch advices and invoices

  • Access to over 1,500,000 companies worldwide via Pagero’s networks and those of our partners

  • Ability to send business messages B2B, B2G, and B2C

  • Automatic conversion to and from all formats in Pagero’s format library

  • 90-day transaction history

  • Free updates and free support services

  • Secure communication via an encrypted network

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A global solution for Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, and AP and AR automation

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