Pagero Server Connect

Pagero Server Connect is an integrated service that allows businesses to send and receive electronic order and invoice documents without any manual intervention. Pagero Server Connect is also recommended to companies with subsidiaries or with need of managing muliple legal entities.

Pagero’s Customer Integration team will assist you in implementing this service to ensure a quick and smooth start-up, including testing of communication and format.

Once you are connected to Pagero Online via Pagero Server Connect, we offer customised solutions depending of the needs of your company:

This is included in Pagero Server Connect

  • Full compliance to PEPPOL in the UK
  • Possibility to connect to PEPPOL in Norway, Sweden and Austria
  • Support for price catalogues, orders, order confirmations, dispatch advice, invoices and reminders
  • Access to over 1 100 000 companies worldwide through Pagero’s and our interoperability partners’ networks
  • Possibility to send and receive business messages B2B and B2G
  • Automatic format conversion to and from all formats in Pagero’s format library
  • Full VAT compliance
  • 90 days transaction history
  • Free updates and free support
  • Secure communication via encrypted network