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Are you ready for the 2020 Peppol deadlines?

Peppol will undergo changes in branding and terminology, as well as significant changes in the prerequisites for Certified Access Points.

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Legal requirements for e-invoicing to the European public sectors

In more and more European countries, the public sectors are introducing legal requirements for e-invoicing. The driving force is an EU directive from 2014 (2014/55/EU) stating that by 2019, member states must ensure that contracting authorities and bodies can receive and process electronic invoices. Several countries that have introduced legal requirements have chosen to use the Peppol network and more are following suit.

Pagero has extensive experience with Peppol

Best in Norway

Pagero became an approved access point in Norway in 2012, when the Norwegian public sector introduced legal demands for e-invoices. In 2015, we were appointed Best Practice access point by Norway’s Peppol authority Difi. Best Practice access points meet all Difi’s standards when it comes to file handling, registering new recipients in ELMA and information sharing with end users.

First in Austria

From 2014, the public sector in Austria only accepts e-invoices from their suppliers. In the same year, Pagero became the first service provider in production as a Peppol access point for sending e-invoices to the Austrian public sector.

Following development closely

More countries are next in line to join the Peppol network and Pagero is already now an approved access point in Sweden, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark. We are following the development closely to have the necessary connections set up well before any legal requirements begin to apply.

Documents sent via Peppol every month
Peppol recipients in Pagero’s network
Peppol issuers in Pagero’s network

Pagero is more than an access point

Pagero handles formats and local requirements for archiving and VAT-administration

Pagero is one of the few access points that not only supports the basic Peppol services but is also able to handle the variations in formats and legal requirements that exist in different countries. Pagero handles a large number of other formats and has a long experience in format conversion. Pagero’s services also fulfil local requirements for archiving, timestamping, legal documents, tax reporting and VAT administration.

Pagero is influencing development

Pagero is an active member of OpenPeppol, a strong and influential interest group responsible for the governance and maintenance of Peppol. The organisation has over 150 members from the public and private sectors all over Europe.

Via Pagero you will reach other networks than Peppol

By connecting to an access point, you will be able to reach all other companies connected to Peppol. However, other networks are used both in the public and private sector. Pagero is working actively with interoperability agreements for our customers to reach all their business partners all over the world – regardless of which network they use.

Pagero in OpenPeppol

We are represented in the following coordinating communities:

  • OpenPeppol Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC)
  • Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC)

Pagero also contributes with technical resources and knowledge to the following groups:

  • Validation and Quality Assurance Project (Pagero was one of the initiators of the group)
  • MLR (Message Level Response)
  • BLR (Business Level Response)

Connect now!

We are currently active in 23 EMEA countries, with another five onboarding in the next few months. With the help of Pagero, we have been able to fulfil every tax and legal requirement in every country.

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