Pagero UK 2016: PEPPOL, the Media Industry and Sustainability

///Pagero UK 2016: PEPPOL, the Media Industry and Sustainability

Pagero UK 2016: PEPPOL, the Media Industry and Sustainability

With the establishment of Pagero UK Ltd. in 2015, a one hundred per cent subsidiary company of Pagero AB, the team led by Richard D’Cruze, Managing Director, has positioned the company to be ready and available for the forthcoming adoption of PEPPOL e-procurement standards to the NHS, UK Central Government departments and the wider public sector. D’Cruze outlines below the main focus areas for the UK operations today and into the near future.

“With the UK public sector organisations adopting PEPPOL, this will lead to a significant market change as private companies of all sizes, who interact with the public sector, will need to adapt their current services to meet the requirements of PEPPOL”, comments D’Cruze on the impact of PEPPOL. “Pagero has extensive experience of PEPPOL and we are an approved access point in all the countries where PEPPOL has been introduced. Our customers can reach all companies and organisations connected to PEPPOL, both nationally and internationally.”

Another area of focus for the UK is the Media industry and the aim is to create a best practice approach to allow the elimination of paper for our clients, whilst keeping the integrity of the process flow with the archive and retrieval of the original documents. “This will be of major benefit to the industry and provide cost reduction opportunities for Media Agencies and Media Owners”, comments John Larkin, Country Manager Ireland and Media Industry lead.

“Sustainability is a key by-product of process automation and one that is rarely considered. The paper based order and invoice processes will be consigned to history when these are converted to e-order and e-invoice and the sustainability impact is far reaching when you remove paper; from printers, ink, postage, fuel, vans, paper mills, etc. This contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, which helps the environment”, continues D’Cruze.

Bengt Nilsson, CEO, Pagero AB, comments “With approximately 5.4m companies in the UK, Pagero is very happy to be able to bring our experience into the UK as we are available for any company in any industry, ERP independent and have an extensive partnership program to link to other operators. Further, we have always seen ourselves as an international company as we operate in over 50 countries, so it is a logical step to have a local presence in the UK, especially as the market is now in transition to becoming e-compliant.”

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