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Primelog TMS provides the tools you need

Primelog TMS provides the tools you need to take control of your transportation spend, control that is achieved by automatically matching invoices against the estimated price and by verifying exceptions. Primelog TMS will not only give you control – it will also create completely new opportunities for freight spend management and visibility.

Freight Spend Management

Take control of your logistics spend

With Primelog Spend Management, you are able to make a complete audit and freight reconciliation of all your invoices against your transport contracts. Primelog TMS will make an automatic comparison between the planned cost and the actual cost on the invoice, and notify any deviations. Primelog Cost Control usually provides immediate and direct cost savings from 2–5% of the total freight turnover. The system also has many other benefits, such as the possibility to link costs and exceptions directly to a specific transport company, shipment or package.

Get an overview of your suppliers

Today it is not uncommon for companies to keep their manufacturing, warehousing and planning in different locations. Many shippers work with several freight forwarders, particularly if the geographic footprint is international. This makes it difficult to gain visibility and control of the various transport companies and existing contracts. With Primelog Freight Spend Management, you simply collect all your contracts in a single system. The system automatically matches an invoice to the right supplier and the right contract, and sends an automatic report of all deviations that may arise.

Transportation Management System

TMS for improved logistics processes

Primelog TMS is a premium Transportation Management System delivered as a cloud service providing:

  • Superior freight spend functionality
  • Advanced analytics capabilities
  • Multi-leg multi-mode logistics operations support

Primelog TMS is a solution for control of booking, planning, monitoring, invoice audit, cost allocation, analysis and follow up of transports and costs. Primelog TMS is designed for logistics service buyers with complex global supply chains. The modular architecture, scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and subscription-based pricing allows you to grow with Primelog as your business needs evolve over time.

Primelog TMS gives you the opportunity to take control of your logistics and all related flows. Imagine an air traffic control tower with experienced control officers who monitor airspace, screens and the surrounding world then replace the control tower with your own logistics experts who oversee as logistics software system that monitors the flow of goods and costs, and issues an alarm in case of an exception.

  • Lower logistics spend

  • Higher data quality

  • Negotiate new contracts

  • Visualize and manage your flows

  • Manage risk by using simulations

  • See business-critical information

Primelog TMS

A solution for complete control

Primelog’s solution has proven to be flexible and scalable, which has been essential in order to implement our logistics strategy from continent to continent. The fact that our total logistics costs have been reduced by 15-20 percent makes it even better.
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Primelog – part of Pagero Group

Primelog is a business unit within Pagero Group, focusing on further developing transport management systems (TMS), components for supporting the entire procurement process such as contract management, automatic price/invoice check, spend analysis and authorisation. Pagero Group delivers cloud services to global companies for automating purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and logistics-to-pay. All services are built on a state of the art technology and with a technology platform based on a container strategy allowing large data volumes, network enabling and seamless connection to any ERP.

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