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Digitalise your invoice distribution

Connect your ERP system to the Pagero Network to distribute all your customer invoices with a touch of a button. With Pagero’s Accounts Receivable Automation solution, your invoices will reach your customers quickly and accurately – anywhere in the world and regardless of their digital capabilities:

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Reach hundreds of networks through a single connection

We are committed to ensuring our customers can reach all their trading partners, no matter which network they are connected to. The Pagero Network is connected to hundreds of other networks and governmental hubs around the world, which makes it possible for our AR Automation customers to reach millions of businesses through one single platform. See just how far our reach expands below:

Reduce costs over time with AR Automation

Once you are connected to Pagero’s network, you will automatically get notified when a customer of yours gets digital capabilities. You can then easily switch over the customer from print or PDF invoice to e-invoice distribution, saving time and money and enabling full traceability of the customer invoices. This way we help you to continuously optimize the value you get from using our services.

Achieve local compliance – globally

Pagero’s Compliance Service helps our customers become and remain compliant with local laws and regulations. We ensure your operations meet varying local standards including the need for digital signatures. Pagero’s AR Automation solution provides you with the tools needed to automatically convert, validate and correct your invoices to ensure they fulfil local requirements. With our e-archive, you can rest assured that all your documents are stored in accordance with country-specific e-archiving regulations.

Reach all your business partners through Pagero’s open, cloud-based network

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