AR Automation
Reduce cycle times and error-handling

One connection for a global solution

Pagero’s AR automation solution integrates seamlessly into existing accounts receivable and financial systems to reach all your customers, regardless of their processes, capabilities, or customer or market requirements. With multiple distribution methods, our services ensure your electronic invoices will reach your customers quickly and accurately. With automated data validation and enrichment capabilities, a single connection to Pagero’s open, cloud-based network is all you need for a locally-compliant, global AR process.

Digital distribution to all customers

With a single connection to the Pagero network, you can ensure your customers will receive your invoices, regardless of their processes and capabilities. Pagero automatically converts your documents into your customers’ preferred format and distribution method when sending invoices across our network. Our open platform means you can send e-invoices directly to customers using any service provider or network. For non-digital customers, our web portal makes it quick and easy to access and download PDF invoices. Alternatively, we offer global email and print distribution ensuring you are 100% digital from day one.

Achieve local compliance – globally

Pagero’s Compliance Service ensures your AR operations meet local compliance requirements through a single connection. Our service includes real-time notifications to alert users of irregularities or data that fails to meet regulatory requirements. Combine with our Digital Signature – ensuring integrity and authenticity of transactions – and eArchive services to cover all your local compliance needs. Regardless of how many borders your operations cross, our network reach and services give you full transparency, audit capability and visibility via a single platform.

Reach all your business partners through Pagero’s open, cloud-based network

Value-added services

Gain financial flexibility and control

Combine your AR processes with Pagero’s Cash Management Applications to gain greater financial flexibility and control. With a single connection to our network, reduce day sales outstanding and manage expected cash flow with our ePayment Processing, Factoring and eNetting services.

Pagero have been excellent and they are always willing and eager to help answer our questions. We feel well supported at all times.