Cash Management Applications
Enable smarter payments

A single network for greater flexibility

Pagero’s Cash Management applications help you gain greater flexibility, control and efficiency across your financial processes. Our safe, secure, cloud-based solutions are independent of financial and payroll systems and are designed to integrate quickly and easily into your existing systems. Our services include ePayment Processing, Factoring and eNetting.

ePayment Processing

Send all payment transfer files, both domestically and internationally and across multiple companies and banks, through a single connection to the Pagero network. Pagero’s ePayment Processing service integrates into existing ERPs and financial systems, helping streamline your payment process and give you a greater overview of your cash flow. Our service gives you instant access to the status of your companies and accounts with a single login.

Achieve faster invoice turnaround with Pagero


Manage and optimise your cash flow with Pagero’s Factoring service. Our service includes sending receivables to lenders for approval, enriching documents according to your agreement and distributing once finalised. We offer an easy-to-use end-to-end solution to give you greater flexibility, control and independence over your cash operations.


With Pagero’s eNetting service, you can aggregate payments made between entities of an established group and calculate the distribution of payments within a set period without moving funds. The service allows for processing of all or part of any invoice, and net amounts are collated and available for viewing in real-time. Using the service, businesses can connect international subsidiaries and entities and select a single currency for invoices to save time and money on international transaction fees.

One of the main benefits of Pagero e-netting is the time we save. Compared to our previous netting solution, we have reduced the time we spend on our netting process by about 75%.