Reporting and Analytics
Better insights for better decisions

Harvest the value of your digital operations

Improve the accuracy of your existing reporting, analytics and BI tools or create customised reports within Pagero, using structured data to improve decision-making in real-time. By indexing all inbound and outbound documents at both header and line-level, Pagero makes it easy to analyse, interpret and use data through customisable reports and our Analytics Dashboard. Use our services to:

  • Check the real-time status of your transactions

  • Gain insight into purchasing patterns according to items or business partners

  • Analyse purchasing behaviour across multiple companies

  • Identify sales trends according to items or customers

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Analytics Dashboard for group-level insights

Monitor the activities of a single company or multiple entities through a single dashboard. Regardless of the number or type of ERP, formats or processes, our easy-to-use Analytics Dashboard facilitates real-time visibility of transactions and aggregated data for better tracking and insights.

Reach all your business partners through Pagero’s open, cloud-based network

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Transaction Reports for detailed analysis

Pagero’s Transaction Reports mean you can create accurate and detailed reports that meet your specific needs. Set up scheduled reports and receive notifications via email, or create reports as needed in real-time. Reports can also be shared within the organisation or used to support business operations such as audits.

Accurate Spend Management to reduce error-handling and cycle time

Check the validity of your invoices against the contracted supplier, price and article data in real-time with Pagero’s Accurate Spend Management. Be alerted to contract deviations as they occur and set up automated business rules regarding deviation handling to reduce cycle time and error-handling.