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  • Make sure you always buy the right product
  • Automatically detect overpayments
  • Make sure you are always paying according to contract
  • Remove incorrect freight tariffs
  • Generate your sourcing strategy

Poor tools for spend control?

Expectations upon procurement departments are becoming far higher, but they seldom have the tools or information to allow this function to work as efficiently as possible.

Sourcing strategies are often undermined by low data availability and an inability to determine off contract spend, pricing discrepancy or even trigger volume or commitment breaks put in place by innovative procurement professionals.

Traditional spend analysis as well as three-way matching are only reactive actions to increase visibility of spend and often only leads to increased workload. With Pagero’s help, you can change this.

Pagero’s Data Accuracy Management Module will help

Pagero’s Data Accuracy Management Module helps procurement and finance teams to reduce off contract spend, generate their sourcing strategy and control their spend – before they actually spend it!

Our Data Accuracy Management Module automatically flags any product or service that is either purchased outside of contract or invoiced at the wrong price. Any incorrect invoices will be flagged and handled before you even process it. The service also provides procurement departments with structured information that will increase their ability to tender and steer their business purchasing.