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The NHS eProcurement strategy

In May 2014, the Department of Health in the UK published the NHS eProcurement Strategy, a policy document supporting the NHS Procurement Development Programme. A key element of the strategy is the mandating of e-commerce requiring the use of:

  • GS1 (for product coding, location coding, and data synchronization)
  • PEPPOL messaging standards (for purchase order, advice note and invoice messaging)

This is mandated both towards the NHS Trusts and all suppliers to the NHS and is implemented for hospitals through the NHS Standard Contract and for suppliers through the NHS Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply.

Suppliers meeting the requests will be prioritised

All public sector bodies are being strongly canvassed to only work with suppliers who can meet these requests as this also fulfils their strategic aims in increasing data accuracy and transparency and helps contribute towards their challenging sustainability agenda.

To comply with the NHS mandate, you just need to connect to Pagero’s cloud based network Pagero Online and then you can start handing you order messages and/or invoices electronically.



What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line. PEPPOL is an infrastructure or a network for exchange of electronic business documents relating to e-commerce and e-procurement primarily between the public sector and their suppliers.

PEPPOL was created in 2008 as an EU project by the European Commission with the aim to facilitate the development of e-commerce in Europe.

This far, PEPPOL has been adopted in Norway and Austria and is being introduced in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Belgium.


How do I communicate via PEPPOL?

A company or an organisation that wants to communicate via PEPPOL has to connect to an access point. Via an access point you can reach all buyers and suppliers behind all other access points in PEPPOL, nationally and internationally.

An access point is provided by an operator. Operators that wish to become access points for PEPPOL must be approved by a PEPPOL authority in the relevant country.

Who can I reach via PEPPOL?

Once you are connected to an access point, you can reach all other companies in PEPPOL’s network. However, a connection to the PEPPOL network only will not give you full reach, neither nationally nor internationally.

There will be always be customers and suppliers that for different reasons use other networks than PEPPOL for their e-transactions. For this reason, you should choose an access point that has interoperability agreements with as many other networks and operators as possible. For many years, Pagero has been working actively to connect to as many other operators on the market as possible. Today, we have about 80 interoperability agreements with operators around the world.

Will PEPPOL give me full compliance?

Connecting to PEPPOL will help you to comply with the NHS mandate. However, if you have international business partners, you need to make sure to choose an operator that ensures that your e-transactions are compliant with regulations regarding archiving and VAT, which can differ a lot between countries.

Pagero keeps track of evolving legislation and other requirements in a large number of countries, and pass that knowledge on to our customers. Our customers do not have to think about which rules apply in which countries, we will handle that for them.