AP Automation

100% digital flow

Receive all your supplier invoices electronically with Pagero

With Pagero’s e-invoice services, you can achieve a 100% digital flow of supplier invoices directly to your financial system. Electronic invoices are sent directly to your system in the desired format via our cloud-based platform, Pagero Online. Suppliers that are unable to handle electronic invoices can send PDF or paper invoices, which are converted to electronic data and delivered directly to your system.


Pagero AP Automation

How to streamline your supplier invoice handling

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One connection is all you need

Reach all your business partners via Pagero Online

Pagero Online gives you access to a network of millions of companies all over the world via Pagero’s and our partners’ networks. We have interoperability agreements with a large number of other operators on the market. We are an approved access point in all of the countries in which PEPPOL has been introduced and we work actively to connect to the public sector in all countries in Europe where e-invoicing is a legal requirement.

A network of opportunities

The following is included in Pagero Online

  • Support for managing price catalogues, orders, order confirmations, delivery notifications, invoices and reminders
  • Access to millions of companies all over the world via Pagero’s and our partners’ networks

  • The ability to manage business communications B2B, B2G and B2C

  • Automatic conversion to and from all formats in Pagero’s format library
  • Services that meet local rules for filing, time stamping, legal documents, tax reporting and VAT management