Pagero Connect

Pagero Connect is an excellent choice for companies that use a financial system and that want to streamline their invoice processing without any changes to existing routines.

Send your invoices quickly and efficiently via your financial system

You create the invoices as usual in your financial system. If the financial system can create e-invoices, you save them to a designated directory on your computer. If not, you print the invoices with Pagero Printer, our virtual printer, which creates a PDF that is mapped and converted in Pagero Online. The invoices are securely sent to Pagero Online using Pagero Connect. Pagero Online automatically delivers the e-invoices to your recipients in the format that they can process.

You can also receive e-invoices

Pagero Connect can also be used for receiving e-invoices. You select the e-invoice format that you want to receive and that suits your financial system. Pagero Online automatically converts all inbound e-invoices to the format that you want to receive.

Recommended value added services:


This is included in Pagero Connect

  • E-invoice compliance to PEPPOL in the UK
  • Possibility to connect to PEPPOL in Norway, Sweden and Austria
  • Support for invoices and reminders
  • Access to over 1 100 000 companies worldwide through Pagero’s and our interoperability partners’ networks
  • Possibility to send and receive e-invoice messages B2B and B2G
  • Automatic format conversion to and from all formats in Pagero’s format library
  • Full VAT compliance
  • 90 days transaction history
  • Free updates and free support
  • Secure communication via encrypted network