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Pagero for the healthcare sector

E-commerce mandate in the UK

The NHS eProcurement strategy

In May 2014, the Department of Health in the UK published the NHS eProcurement Strategy, a policy document supporting the NHS Procurement Development Programme. A key element of the strategy is the mandating of e-commerce requiring the use of:

  • GS1 (for product coding, location coding, and data synchronization)
  • PEPPOL messaging standards (for purchase order, advice note and invoice messaging)

This is mandated both towards the NHS Trusts and all suppliers to the NHS and is implemented for hospitals through the NHS Standard Contract and for suppliers through the NHS Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply.

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What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line. PEPPOL is an infrastructure or a network for exchange of electronic business documents relating to e-commerce and e-procurement primarily between the public sector and their suppliers.

PEPPOL was created in 2008 as an EU project by the European Commission with the aim to facilitate the development of e-commerce in Europe.

How do I communicate via PEPPOL?

A company or an organisation that wants to communicate via PEPPOL has to connect to an access point. Via an access point you can reach all buyers and suppliers behind all other access points in PEPPOL, nationally and internationally.

An access point is provided by an operator. Operators that wish to become access points for PEPPOL must be approved by a PEPPOL authority in the relevant country.

Important Considerations

There are a few important considerations to make before selecting your PEPPOL Access Point:

  • Does your business require an integrated or an online based solution?
  • Who is responsible for format conversions between your system and the PEPPOL BIS standards?
  • Who is responsible for change management (e.g. changes made to the PEPPOL standards and requirements)?

  • Who is responsible for customer roll-out?

Pagero and PEPPOL

Documents sent via PEPPOL every month
PEPPOL recipients in Pagero’s network
PEPPOL issuers in Pagero’s network

Best in Norway

Pagero became an approved access point in Norway in 2012, when the Norwegian public sector introduced legal demands for e-invoices. In 2015, we were appointed Best Practice access point by Norway’s PEPPOL authority Difi. Best Practice access points meet all Difi’s standards when it comes to file handling, registering new recipients in ELMA and information sharing with end users.

First in Austria

From 2014, the public sector in Austria only accepts e-invoices from their suppliers. In the same year, Pagero became the first service provider in production as a PEPPOL access point for sending e-invoices to the Austrian public sector.

Following development closely

More countries are next in line to join the PEPPOL network and Pagero is already now an approved access point in Sweden, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark. We are following the development closely to have the necessary connections set up well before any legal requirements begin to apply.

Pagero in OpenPEPPOL

We are represented in the following coordinating communities:

  • OpenPEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC)
  • Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC)

Pagero also contributes with technical resources and knowledge to the following groups:

  • Validation and Quality Assurance Project (Pagero was one of the initiators of the group)
  • MLR (Message Level Response)
  • BLR (Business Level Response)

Dedicated and proactive team

Pagero Centre of Excellence

Pagero has a dedicated team that works solely with companies in the healthcare sector. This ensures that all our healthcare customers get access to the services they need. Working proactively and closely with our many world-leading customers, our Centre of Excellence serves as a central hub where industry expertise is concentrated and cultivated, thereby increasing Pagero’s presence in the industry.

We offer everything from basic e-invoice services that connect you to our network and ensure that your business complies with local legislation, to a global one-stop shop, which makes it possible for you to handle O2C and P2P processes from start to finish for all your business units in Europe.

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Join the Pagero network

This is what you get when you connect to Pagero Online

  • Full PEPPOL compliance
  • A standardised process for price catalogues, purchase orders, order confirmations, dispatch advices and invoices
  • Access to a global network of companies via a single connection
  • A managed service portfolio that supports electronic transactions, paper and PDF documents, and makes your business 100% digital from day one

  • Data quality assurance through a combination of content validation, enrichment and business rules
  • Services that ensure compliance with local requirements for archiving, timestamping, legal documents, tax reporting and VAT administration
  • Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) with access to 24/5 multilingual support – can be customised according to demands and requests specific to your business


Get in touch

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our offering for the healthcare sector.

Anna Micklewright

Global Head of Sales Healthcare
+44-77 36 89 33 32

Phil Bailey

Account Manager – Healthcare
+44-75 26 17 26 35

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