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Pagero’s partnerships are essential to our services

Pagero’s partnerships are essential to the services we provide to our clients. We proactively collaborate with ERP suppliers, IT consultancies and financial services organisations. Pagero also cooperates with a number of scanning and print suppliers to meet our Pan-European and global client needs. Click the logos below to find out more about our different partners.

ERP vendors

Value add resellers

Solution partners

Why partner with Pagero

Pagero Group is a global market leader, working with many of the world’s largest enterprises within the automation of business processes in the P2P and O2C cycles.

By becoming a partner of Pagero, you will get access to the most advanced business document exchange platform for e-order and e-invoice services available in the market. You can offer your clients the opportunity to achieve cost-efficient and true digital transformation throughout their entire organisation.

As a partner to Pagero, you will get:

  • The right to market and distribute Pagero for your clients’ financial system
  • An attractive remuneration program
  • The possibility to distribute other services within P2P and O2C automation offered by Pagero via your Managed Service offering

Let us know if somebody needs our help!

Do you know of an organisation who is considering to implement an e-order/e-invoice solution? Please let us know:

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